Hard to go wrong with a $650 A-series 124 Coupe, right?

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Well, maybe, but here's the pig in the poke Craigslist treasure.  This is a 1968 (thus, A-series, with the single headlights and 1438cc original twin cam) advertised for $650 or best offer in Craigslist Los Angeles.

ac-2.jpg And, this is why people love to browse the classifieds. Being located in L.A., the car could be an easy restoration or a total rust bucket that some poor soul towed out west from its previous life in the midwest. Of course, it looks like it's got decent windshield edges, wheel arches and rockers....this is a time when my wife should appreciate that I actually don't want another 124 Coupe! Anyway, this ad just reads....

"This is a rare car, great project car or parts car.
Phone calls only no emails, $650 or best offer. "

So, if you follow the link & find nothing, assume it's been sold.  I got the heads up from the world of FIAT enthusiasts, so it's likely to end up in good hands.

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