1972 FIAT 124 Sport Coupe




I had the fortune of adding this Coupe to my collection in 2007.  I purchased this from the second owner (owned since 1974).  The car has 52K miles and a virtually flawless interior.  The body is not perfect, but it is NOT rusty and is in the perfect condition to be an absolutely excellent driver car. 

Right now, it's slated for some tidying up of the engine bay and a new timing belt, tensioner bearing, etc.  Then it will get Koni shocks, the bumper overriders will be removed (sorry, period purists out there....want to buy a set?) and I'm looking for a nice period-sport exhaust for the car to replace the solid, custom (I swear it wasn't done here in east TN) glasspack & (well, this part was) supertrap exhaust.  The car runs beautifully, shifts flawlessly with the butter-sweet 5-speed a 124 Sport ought to have and handles nicely.  The seats almost look too nice to sit in....but, I do as often as possible!   I will try to document progress & preservation of this time machine car for others to enjoy as I go.   Thanks for looking!

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