My1970 FIAT 124 Coupe (European Spec - French)

I've had this 124 Coupe since 2003.  This car spent most of its life in France, where it was originally sold.  It bears its original equipment, with the optional 1608cc twin cam and dual 40IDF Weber carburetors.   For FIAT Coupe fanatics like me this car has a lot of subtle details that set it apart from most of the 'original' 124 Coupes here in the US;  bumpers without the vertical bumperettes, no side marker lights, front fender-mounted turn signal repeaters, amber rear turn signals & clear front turn signals, and, of course, a speedometer that reads only in KPH.  The car is solid and in good running condition, though it is not a "restored" car.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of it.