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(not a project!) Nice looking '72 Coupe on Craigslist

I was trying out a new Craigslist search tool yesterday & found this car tucked away in a part of the world where the only solid 124 Coupes you find are either garage queens or recent imports.  This looks like a great driver built in the classic tradition of picking & choosing one's favorite (or in some cases, what's available) parts from each year to build a nice Coupe....and, to be fair, one that only serious Coupe geeks like me would ever know didn't have all the original parts.   Here's a link to this nice car for sale in New Hampshire ...kinda confusing ad copy...not sure if it's a dealer or a private party or what.  The car looks familiar to me, but not sure where I saw it.
yellow_72_1.jpg yellow_72_2.jpg yellow_72_3.jpg yellow_72_4.jpg

and, here's the ad copy:
124 Sport Coupe, Amazing Condition and IT's A COUPE!!
California car shipped to Connecticut several years ago, purchased and driven by me, (I love it)! Minor repairs done in my term with her include replacing metal small weak spot in passenger side floor and reinforcing rear shock mounts, single weber installed and tuned on an 1800cc BC Fiat motor (California owner had transplant done from original 1600cc motor), suspension is great, five speed manual (close ratio short throw) is excellent and so is the clutch.
Having properly tuned the carburator, new plugs and coil, have encountered a rough running problem which we attribute to less than perfect valve spacing... I have not had the time to address that issue. With the exception of the clock, all guages work, manual windows and all glass is in good shape and the seals are good.
THE BODY IS AMAZING, solid with no rust issues, an incredible example when you consider 99.9% of Fiat 124 Coupes (in the world) have gone the ashes to ashes, rust to dust route (in their first ten years or less) and don't even exist in any condition anywhere!
The interior is an integrated mix-match of what appears to be '72 era and '74 era pieces... Having owned (new back in the day) a '71 Coupe followed by a new '74 coupe I can't even tell what is from which group, I think the dash and seats (in excellent shape) are from a '74-'76, possibly the engine donor car in CA... none of it matters, it all fits and looks right as well as having had a new headliner installed in CA.
I describe this car to my freinds as the "screamin yellow zonkerz" from the (not so) fast and (very) furious. It is an absolute blast to drive on backroads and is incredibly well balanced so even when you're not going that fast, you're having a grand time feeling like speedracer in a sports car.
Though I am not a dealer, my best friend is, so I never registered the car and only drove it a couple thousand miles (on dealer plates). With his blessing I can offer
FREE CLIMATE CONTROLLED STORAGE for this coming winter season if the buyer is so inclined!
Call David, 603-355-7949

Well, maybe, but here's the pig in the poke Craigslist treasure.  This is a 1968 (thus, A-series, with the single headlights and 1438cc original twin cam) advertised for $650 or best offer in Craigslist Los Angeles.

ac-2.jpg And, this is why people love to browse the classifieds. Being located in L.A., the car could be an easy restoration or a total rust bucket that some poor soul towed out west from its previous life in the midwest. Of course, it looks like it's got decent windshield edges, wheel arches and rockers....this is a time when my wife should appreciate that I actually don't want another 124 Coupe! Anyway, this ad just reads....

"This is a rare car, great project car or parts car.
Phone calls only no emails, $650 or best offer. "

So, if you follow the link & find nothing, assume it's been sold.  I got the heads up from the world of FIAT enthusiasts, so it's likely to end up in good hands.