Yet another 1973 124 Coupe on Ebay

tan_ebay_73_1.JPGIt's a market flood!  No, not really.   I just read the description of this one and it looks like yet another very worthy car.  It's worthy, perhaps in a different way being not a beauty queen but rather a generally functional, sorted, road-worthy example coming from a state of the US known for not harboring rust.  I won't try to re-post the listing on this one, but I did grab a bunch of photos.  I like this car and I like this listing because the seller obviously knows what is important in terms of the making of a solid car and has provided photos detailing those aspects of the car.  Cars like this don't usually impress your friends (or, your wife!) when you bring them home, but sometimes you find in the end that you are very glad to know exactly what lurks beneath the surface aesthetics.   At the time of writing, the bidding on this one is at $3,150 with 18 bids...and ending today!

tan_ebay_73_3.JPG tan_ebay_73_4.JPG  tan_ebay_73_2.JPG
 tan_ebay_73_5.JPG tan_ebay_73_6.JPG

This is (or was) Ebay listing #260272295721