A Quite Nice C Coupe (was) on Ebay

white_ebay_c_coupe_1.JPGI missed posting this one.....a very nice looking 1973 124 Sport Coupe that was briefly listed on Ebay. This was a clean California car being sold by a long-time FIAT enthusiast.  Bidding was ended early at a point where the bid eas $3,750.  This one was a good example of how nice a C coupe can look with the smaller style C bumpers.  

I quote the actual Ebay Motors listing here:

"Up for auction I have this rare 1973 Fiat 124 Sport Coupe, one of a kind. This coupe has been restored by a Fiat enthusiast of over 30 Years, and it shows. The car is a southern California car so it is rust free, and the engine and transmission are original and run strong. The car has some imperfections such as the differential is leaking a little, the exhaust hangers need to be replaced and some imperfections in the paint, nothing major. The vehicle comes with a salvage title, for reasons unknown. We have inspected the vehicle throughly and have not found any evidence that the car has been involved in a wreck. The only body work that has been done is the roof had a dent in it and the trunk had some minor rust, all of this has been professionally repaired. The 1592cc engine and 5 speed transmission run great with no weird noises and smooth shifting, never been modified. Front suspension and alignment are fine with no major problems, or rattles, the chassis is straight and rust free. The interior is tear free with new roof liner and a re-upholstered dashboard, all the gauges fuction fine except the radio. The rims are a rare 4 x 98 Eagle Sport rims, if you own a Fiat, you know how hard it is to acquire rims with this bolt pattern. This was the last year of the beautiful chrome bumpers before the DOT made Fiat change them to an ugly 5 mph heavy bumper which made the car hideous. Please be aware that we are not in the mood for games, we have been dealing Fiats in eBay for years, and we are also affiliated with the Southern California Fiat club, so we are not here to rip anybody off. You are free to ask questions only if you are serious about purchasing the car, we don't want any hagglers, tire kickers, dreamers, perfectionist or fools with their own contracts. Furthermore No trades, there is no reserve so the highest bidder will take it home. If you would like to make an appointment to see the car, that will not be a problem, car is located in Studio City California."

white_ebay_c_coupe_2.JPG white_ebay_c_coupe_3.JPG white_ebay_c_coupe_4.JPG white_ebay_c_coupe_5.JPG

It sounds like someone, somewhere has added a very clean Sport Coupe to their collection.  Let's see this car out on the road!