Interesting/Vintage Stuff: June 2009 Archives

Windsor Carrera Sport

Dsc_1265.jpgThis is an interesting mid-70s bike that I would like to learn more about.  The badges on the bike are all intact and generally it's in good shape for bike of it's's certainly fully operable, though due some tweaks, tunes, and a few small parts.   The name sounds Italian and the frame is labeled that it was made in Mexico.  Not only is it a fully lugged frame, it sports some really pretty chrome lugs at the head tube.  In fact, the chrome details on the bike are all nice touches.  It's also interesting in that it has (factory) bar end shifters and a range of gearing that ought to allow it to roll and climb pretty much anywhere you want to take it.   Weighing in as it's photographed at about 28lb, I suppose there are some places you would not want to take it, but on the other hand, I could see it being the platform for some interesting rough terrain touring....well, at least not limited to smooth crack-free asphalt.  Soon, it will have its turn at general clean-up and an over-all refreshing of parts, but I hope this one will be able to remain in it's original form and enjoyed for it's timeless utility and characteristic patina.   Or...something like that.  

Dsc_1269.jpg   Dsc_1261.jpg Dsc_1257.jpg