Schwinn Peloton

peloton_from_front_driveside.jpgThis was an unlikely addition to the museum.  This bike is a 2000 (or so, +/-...if you know more about these, I'd love to hear from you!) that arrived set up as a fixed gear bike with a White Industries Eno rear hub, bull horn bars, no crank, no seat, one brake, get the picture.  Even though I seem to have several Schwinn bikes, I've never thought of myself as a fan particularly.  This frame, however, was particular interesting to me because it is made with Reynolds 853 tubing and uses a carbon fork.  It seemed well worthy of being rebuilt into a geared road bike.  So, after carefully selecting the best cast-off parts from other road cyclists Shimano-compatible upgrades, I put the bike back together with a 53/39-10 speed drivetrain, Ultegra shifters, a Dura Ace rear derailleur, FSA Gossamer crankset, 105 front derailleur, a mystery rear brake caliper along with its original 105 front caliper, a new white saddle and some handlebars harvested from an early 1970s Schwinn Continental (had to have something classic/vintage, right?).  After some tweaking with the stem and bar height, it's come to life as a nice riding, fast, and light road bike.  For now, here are some pictures of how it turned out: