Nishiki NFS Beta

I have found very little documentation online on these bikes.  I picked this up earlier this year as a literal basket case.  It was advertised as a small frame I thought would be good for my son, but alas it really isn't a small frame, but it is a 650c wheeled time trial bike.  So, it's time finally came up in the queue and I put it all back together with freshly packed bearings, new cables, an new chain, and new tires (basic, cheap 650c tires).  All it needs is bar tape.   The weather has been bad and I have been busy, so I haven't had a chance to do anything more than ride it up and down the street.  With as little documentation I've found on these bikes, I was hoping that putting some pictures and information up here might spark some interest and surface some information that may be useful to others.   Then again, I don't know what else anyone may need in terms of information.  The bike has the basic 7 speed Shimano 105 road group components, 650c wheels and you can find the basic as-new specs at bikepedia.   So, for now, here is what the bike looks like: