1987 (?) Peugeot Triathlon

A new addition to the museum here, this bike was bought new at a Interwheel, a local bike shop circa mid-1980s and evolved to be the single speed machine pictured here.  All of the original components (an early Shimano 105 group) came with the bike as dowry upon entry to the museum.   Here it as as it sits now.  Note the internal cable routing on the bars.  The frame is Reynolds 501 and (obviously) not lugged.
peugeot_triathlon_front.JPG peugeot_triathlon_tag.JPG peugeot_triathlon_bar_cable_routing.JPG

and, of course, the rest of the 105 group and the original saddle...

The Triathlon is now reborn sporting some inexpensive new road wheels, 2x9 Shimano 105 fairly new drivetrain and shifters, and a Salsa stem + bar.   I've only had a chance to give it one real good test ride and I was pleased to find the bike rides nicely, has a solid, but not too heavy feel and generally was much faster/quicker than I anticipated.  There is still some tweaking and adjusting to go.  Not sure what the cause is, but I was getting a lazy shifting resonse in the larger cogs on the rear.   Style-wise, I went with the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" philosophy with the purple-to-white fade paint and added bright red bar tape.   I guess the wheels are blingy looking too....maybe the road bike equivalent of a nice set of 22" spinners on a 1987 Honda, eh?   What the heck, I enjoy riding it!


An UPDATE: This bike has really become one of my favorite to ride. I had to replace the headset a month or so ago, but otherwise, it's been smooth, quick (well, fast at least), and a real pleasure to ride. Here is a picture of it in it's Winter 2009/2010 incarnation right before the first ride of 2010: driveside_ready_for_a_ride.jpg A set of full length Planet Bike fenders with rubber flaps were mounted on the bike to give it some all-weather utility.  Aero spokes with fenders is a goofy combination, but cleaner gears and a dry back when I have to ride through puddles isn't too bad at all.