Peugeot 103 Carbolite Frame Road Bike


I'm still not sure the model and age of this bike.  From what I've found, it seems to be a 1982 PBN10...maybe.  It's really in great shape, though not particularly remarkable in build, componentry, etc.  There is a lug on the right side of the fork that I do not know the purpose of (a generator for a light?).  Seems like this could be a great commuter & utility bike and it would not be much trouble to outfit it with some more modern components if one chose to go that route.
peugeot_2.JPG peugeot_3.JPG peugeot_4.JPG peugeot_7.JPG
peugeot_5.JPG peugeot_8.JPG peugeot_9.JPG peugeot_10.JPG

Some folks asked for the ID info & some detail on the tag on the headset (not Peugeot...but maybe an indication of the origin of the bike because it may have originated in the Japanese market), so here they are:

p10_ID_1.JPG P10_id2.jpg