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71_CL_Coupe_1.jpgI just found this '71 Coupe for sale in Washington.  The seller does not list the mileage, but says it is all original and lately has only been driven 100 miles a year.  It was repainted 15 years ago and as best I can see on Craigslist images, it looks shiny.  If you are looking for a complete, original, solid Coupe, this appears to be one.  This is certainly one to watch.   You can see it now on craigslist

UPDATE:  Now you can see this on Ebay (with a few more pictures & details) at 270246400661


A very nice 1969 124 Coupe on Ebay

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There's another A-series Coupe listed on Ebay now - for $12,500 /best offer.   This is a west coast car that by all accounts appears and sounds to be in great shape.   This one was pretty well known among the FIAT community and most recently went into ownership by the seller, who invested a good bit to apparently take it from 'very good' to 'great' shape cosmetically & mechanically.   This is one to keep an eye on!

See it on Ebay Motors, # 250257924273