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This Coupe has made a number of visits to Ebay since it first surfaced on the market here around East TN a couple of years ago.  It's a '69 A-series 124 Coupe that looks all stock except for the very attractive (though somewhat problematic due to stress cracking) "FIAT-Roosevelt" 4-spoke wheels.  For under $1000, you've got a potential project.   It still needs floors all around and still runs & drives.   I've replaced floors in Coupes and it's not a terrible job...but you should make sure you really like the car before you commit.   I don't know how rusty it really is, but I'd love to see someone save this car so next time it comes around in the market it's more of an eye catcher!

See it on Ebay, # 110256235180


UPDATE:  Sold on Ebay May28, 2008 at $950


There's a solid looking '71 Coupe on Ebay right now hovering around $1200.  This looks like a great starting point to build a nice car or probably a nice beater/driver car as it is.  In true FIAT enthusiast tradition, it looks as if it has the best (or at least, crowd favorite) parts pulled from all the series cars - 2L block ('79-up) , 1.8 head ('74-'78), 34DMSA ('74), Spider 2000 steering wheel ('79-up), and a nice set of period rims.  The seats look like they were pulled from an earlier Coupe and the interior has all the usual rips & cracks.  The seller notes some transmission glitches, I believe.  The real value is in the integrity of the body. Obviously, it's hard to tell a lot from pictures & when the car has been sprayed in flat black, but coming from California & if the level of detail & relative thoughtfulness of the parts selection is any indicator, this car has all the makings to be one to buy & finish to taste!
Check it out on Ebay, # 110253903355

UPDATE:  This worthy Coupe sold on Ebay May 27, 2008 for $2,750

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