BMW: December 2008 Archives

I'm really not sure what year model this switch is appropriate to.  I have this along with a slew of spare BMW E28 electronic parts.  This is a 2 position headlight switch with a lighted panel for "OFF", parking lights, headlights (I think) and "FOG". 

BMW E28 Bosch AC Fan 0130063030

This is a heater/vent fan removed from the same 1985 535i most of the BMW parts here are from.  The bearings feel good, with no binding or noises, and there is no sign of overheating or other problems.  $25

I do have the heater core and box also, by the way.

 have a Heater/AC control panel  from an '85 E28 BMW 535i.  The knobs turn freely and the back printed panel for the right side is there, it's just fallen out of place.  Two of the sliders are not with this and the knob on the right does not clip tightly on the rheostat. Otherwise, it's all in good shape and could be good for parts to repair a worn unit.  Aesthetically, the panel is in excellent conditionE28_ac_vent_control_front.jpgE28_ac_vent_control_back.jpg