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A few more BMW 535i parts harvested!

Complete, uncut fuel injection wiring harness:


(All E28 BMW) hood release lever + cable:


Power antenna (mast is broken) for rebuild/parts?bmw_antena.jpgRear ABS sensors (tested, good):

bmw_abs_sensors_pair.jpgBehr heater valve:

VDO Cruise Control Unit


BMW E28 European Center Front Bumper

Hopefully, these photos show the good & the not-so-good of this center bumper section.


BMW M30 535i Water Pump - Nearly New..

This was installed and the car was driven VERY FEW miles before it was parked and dismantling began.   The impeller looks excellent on this piece.


BMW M30 535i Air Intake Boot

Not cracked.  Some, but not all fittings are present.


'86 BMW 535i Owners Manual

Functional, but not to be used as a prop for your trailer queen show car!


BMW 535i Bosch Mass Air Flow Meter

Tested and in good working condition.  $60


BMW 535i Ignition (spark plug) Wires + Coil

These were new wires back in 2007.....very few miles.  The coil is older, but tested & good.


BMW 535 Power Steering Fluid Reservoir

Yep, oily on the outside, but it's all there....


BMW E28 European (Front) Bumper Parts

If I get a complete bumper to replace this one, I would be selling these sections.  I have both ends and two middle sections..and, of course the mounting brackets. 


BMW E28 Wiper transmission/bulkhead cover

No overspray, edge a little chipped, but otherwise looked quite good installed.

The current state of the '86 535i

The vultures have descended on the 535i, but there is a LOT left.   Pretty much all of the under-the-dash and engine bay parts are about to be up for grab.   Here's what the drivers seat looks like these days....
1986_535i_today.JPGand, in case you are interested in body parts, it was recently repainted with the factory color, but here is the factory tag:

BMW E28 Grilles

In case anyone needs E28 (US spec) grilles, I have 2 or 3sets of these.....


For Sale: Original E28 Blaupunkt Stereo Amplifier

This is the OEM stereo amp that was located under the parcel shelf (inside the trunk) in cars equipped with the premium stereo option.


Door Arm Rests/Pulls:
door_handles.JPGenter Console & Dash Parts:

The standard (black) pieces:
A-pillar covers:
Seems like it's pretty common for these to be rusty as heck on E28 BMWs.   This is a spare set i had, but don't need since my '87 has European lights (which use different mounts).   US/DOT beams included.

BMW 535i Tool Tray

Empty, no tools in it, but possibly useful for a repair or restoration.


Some More E28 odds & ends

Front turn signals/parking lights...front_turn_sig_parking.JPG
some weathering
& one lens has a small crack...

Trunk courtesy light: trunk_light.JPG

The on-board computerObc.jpg
the heater fan:

and a fairly weathered, but cool BMW license plate frame: 

BMW E28 Windshield Wiper Motor

Good E28 Bosch wiper motor....$60 shipped within the continental US


E28 Right Rear Door Detail


BMW E28 535i M30 Oil Pan

Dirty, but not cracked, warped, or otherwise fouled 

$100 shipped to your continental US location......

I've decided instead of finding a loving home for the car, I'm going to find likable homes for all of its, here's a look at some of the first to go:

front_seats.jpg interior_dash.jpg interior_dash2.jpg 
lf_doorpanell.jpg rf_door_panel.jpg rear_seat.jpg
I'm going to keep it movable/drivable as long as possible, so trim pieces and easy to remove items will go first.   Email me for questions  or pricing.

shiftboot.JPG glovebox.JPG
Obc.jpg console.JPG
check_panel.JPG dash_vent.JPG

I'm really not sure what year model this switch is appropriate to.  I have this along with a slew of spare BMW E28 electronic parts.  This is a 2 position headlight switch with a lighted panel for "OFF", parking lights, headlights (I think) and "FOG". 

BMW E28 Bosch AC Fan 0130063030

This is a heater/vent fan removed from the same 1985 535i most of the BMW parts here are from.  The bearings feel good, with no binding or noises, and there is no sign of overheating or other problems.  $25

I do have the heater core and box also, by the way.

 have a Heater/AC control panel  from an '85 E28 BMW 535i.  The knobs turn freely and the back printed panel for the right side is there, it's just fallen out of place.  Two of the sliders are not with this and the knob on the right does not clip tightly on the rheostat. Otherwise, it's all in good shape and could be good for parts to repair a worn unit.  Aesthetically, the panel is in excellent conditionE28_ac_vent_control_front.jpgE28_ac_vent_control_back.jpg

1986 BMW 535i

Here are some pictures for folks I've talked with about the car.  The body is rust-free, recently repainted (original color...needs a little buffing/waxing after being parked under trees here for the last several months), a nearly perfect interior, great running engine, completely rebuilt AC, all the electrical components work.  The only catch is that it needs the transmission replaced. 

Dsc_8890-1200.jpg   Dsc_8882-1200.jpg Dsc_8884-1200.jpg Dsc_8888-1200.jpg
Dsc_8898-1200.jpg  Dsc_8907-1200.jpg Dsc_8897-1200.jpg Dsc_8901-1200.jpg
Dsc_8896-1200.jpg  Dsc_8904-1200.jpg Dsc_8905-1200.jpg Dsc_8903-1200.jpg Dsc_8906-1200.jpg

Engine, anyone?

In the next few days, this engine will be coming out of this car.  The only part of the engine that I'm pretty sure I want to keep for myself is the oil pan.  So, the rest is up for me if there's something you are  looking for! - UPDATE:  The engine is out, I have for sale, the head (complete, no signs of problems, relatively clean,etc.), valve cover, alternator bracket, oil filter housing, oil pan (I changed my mind) and camshaft.


BMW E28 TRX (Metric) Wheels & NEW Michelin TRX Tires

Here they are - what was just about a year ago $1,200 worth of new, rare Michelin tires - original equipment for the 1987 BMW 535is!
trx_1.JPG  trx_2.JPG   trx_4.JPG 

trx_5.JPG trx_6.JPG trx_7.JPG
trx_3.JPG trx_8.JPG  trx_9.JPG

$300 + shipping for the set of 4 wheels/tires.

BMW E28 (528, 533, 535 etc.) Trunk Carpet

I've got a few trunk carpet pieces for E28s for sale.  One is in nice shape, the other looks pretty bad on the back, but probably isn't too bad installed.  The other two pieces are for the & partition area in the trunk. 

The front:
trunk_rear_carpet_front.JPGThe back of the same pieces:
trunk_rear_carpet_back.JPGand the other trunk carpet pieces:
I'm selling this black console from a non-power seat model E28 (535i) BMW.  I do have the rectangular inserts for the rear.E28_console_manual_seats.JPG
I'm putting up photos of these for the benefit of a particular party who is interested.  However, the distance is long, so that may fall through.  I haven't priced these on an Eden database yet, but I'd expect about 75% of the average price on Eden would be fair.  I wouldn't expect shipping on these due to the size.  Located in Knoxville, TN  37917.
535i_partscar_right_fender.JPG 535i_partscar_left_fender.JPG

Asking $200 - complete factory air dam (same as the E28 M5), one crack and some scrapes, but all there.  Includes mounting brackets, but not fog lights.  Won't fit my car any more with the European bumpers.

535is_air_dam_lf-s.jpg 535is_air_dam_front-s.jpg 535is_air_dam_rf-s.jpg

BMW 535i Black Leather Seats


Good rear leather BMW E28 seat, black.  Good stitching, slight damaged area, but generally a very presentable seat.