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1986 BMW 535i

Here are some pictures for folks I've talked with about the car.  The body is rust-free, recently repainted (original color...needs a little buffing/waxing after being parked under trees here for the last several months), a nearly perfect interior, great running engine, completely rebuilt AC, all the electrical components work.  The only catch is that it needs the transmission replaced. 

Dsc_8890-1200.jpg   Dsc_8882-1200.jpg Dsc_8884-1200.jpg Dsc_8888-1200.jpg
Dsc_8898-1200.jpg  Dsc_8907-1200.jpg Dsc_8897-1200.jpg Dsc_8901-1200.jpg
Dsc_8896-1200.jpg  Dsc_8904-1200.jpg Dsc_8905-1200.jpg Dsc_8903-1200.jpg Dsc_8906-1200.jpg