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FIAT Sheet Metal a-plenty!

I've had some folks ask recently about doors, hoods, trunk lids and the like for FIAT Spider are some photos.  Keep in mind, the complete cars in the photos no longer exist.  I'll point out the parts, but don't ask me about the whole car, because it isn't there! (except the '72 124 Coupe, that is...for now, at least....)

Here is one of the Spider 2000 hoods:
front.jpgand, here is one of the '73-'78 124 Spider hoods (small hump hoods - cool!)
DSC_1467.JPGand, a Spider 2000 trunk lid....
rear.jpgand, a 124 Spider trunk lid:
So, there ya' have it! These are all straight, rust-free body panels that just need a good, loving home.