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I'm selling this black console from a non-power seat model E28 (535i) BMW.  I do have the rectangular inserts for the rear.E28_console_manual_seats.JPG
124 coupe blower fan.jpg I bought this for my '72 124 Coupe which ended up being dismantled for parts.  It's dusty, but in great shape.  This should fit the bill for any B or C series 124 Sport Coupe (that's '70'-75) or...I've seen these boxes used quite nicely to provide dash ventilation in a way that actually blows heat or fresh air in the general direction of the driver.....uh, that's an upgrade for the 124 Spider or Spider 2000, in case you didn't realize it :)  I think $45 is a fair price for this....

This is sort of an odd lot of body parts...other than some having some surface rust, these are solid, rust/rot/previous repair-free parts that should look & operate well on your car.....


X 1/9 "LS" model drivers door (had power windows, vent window included) - $50


FIAT X 1/9 drivers door (no vent window) - $50

FIAT/Pininfarina Spider 2000 Right Side Door
(no power windows, vent assembly and glass not included) - $25


Another right side door...this time with the original vent window assembly - $50

spider-2000_right_door_3_with_handle.JPG The last of the Spider 2000 Doors (did I mention I also have 124 Spider doors?) - this time with a handle, a ratty door panel & vent window - $65

windshield_frames.JPGLast item(s) are a collection of Spider 2000 sindshield frames and front bumper (actually, there are two front bumpers...I just have a photo of one) - $75 for the bumper, $45 for the frame
I'm putting up photos of these for the benefit of a particular party who is interested.  However, the distance is long, so that may fall through.  I haven't priced these on an Eden database yet, but I'd expect about 75% of the average price on Eden would be fair.  I wouldn't expect shipping on these due to the size.  Located in Knoxville, TN  37917.
535i_partscar_right_fender.JPG 535i_partscar_left_fender.JPG

Asking $200 - complete factory air dam (same as the E28 M5), one crack and some scrapes, but all there.  Includes mounting brackets, but not fog lights.  Won't fit my car any more with the European bumpers.

535is_air_dam_lf-s.jpg 535is_air_dam_front-s.jpg 535is_air_dam_rf-s.jpg