1960 Schwinn Continental

Following up on what was described as an "antique Schwinn" with a picture of a copper-colored bike hanging upside down, I found the latest addition to the museum, a 1960 (built 1/15/60) Schwinn Continental.

driveside_main2.jpgThis is what it looked like turned right side up.  For a 50 year old bicycle, it's in great shape.  The frame decals are all intact and the only damage seems to be a fine smattering of old scratches in the "Radiant Coppertone" paint, a fouled up rear wheel with loose spokes and a broken tab on the cable housing stop on the rear derailleur.  The rear rim has been replaced with an aluminum rim, but I do not know if the rear derailleur (the one that needs to be replaced since the plastic housing for the cable is broken) is origninal.  Everything else looks about as I would expect.  It's interesting to see the Weinmann brakes and levers, instead of the typical "Schwinn Approved" badging.  The decals on the downtube seem like a random collection of symbols, but maybe I'm missing something on that part.  The front chainrings are 47 and 50 tooth rings with the Simplex derailleur activated by a lever that is mounted on the seat tube.  I can't wait to put some miles on this bike as soon as I get the funky rear wheel problems  worked out.  For now, the shifter is rendered functional with the help of two cleverly placed zip ties, but ultimately I will need to replace the rear derailleur.  For now, here are some pictures of some of the interesting details on this bike.

driveside_rear_1.jpg  non_driveside_front.jpg
crankset.jpg   front_brake.jpg   front_shifter.jpg
downtube_decal.jpg   seat_tube_decal.jpg
stem.jpg   serial_number.jpg   bottom_bracket_continental.jpg   RD2.jpg

This bike will make a nice mate, and contrast, to my 1973 Schwinn Continental that I picked up last year.  The 1973 is noticeably heavier - more so than you would expect from the slightly larger frame - and has typcial 1970s gearing with dual stem shifters.  The '73 Continental has nice flared, randonneur style drop bars.  Here is the 1973 Continental:

conti_1.jpg  conti_2.jpg